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L8 - Diamond Channel Partner

The L8 is Milestone's only Diamond Partner in South America. Solid partnership with one more renowned company.

L8 supplies solar panels for Tecpar

The L8 Group participated in March 13th of the inauguration of the new Direction of the Tecpar. In addition, it supplied the solar panels to the solar garage installed in Tecpar.

L8 - Apronet

The L8 participated in the 3rd Apronet Congress of Providers in Florianópolis on 22 and 23 February. We thank all those who visited us and who have had the opportunity to know the new solutions that we take specially for the event.

L8 - Metting of Regional Providers

L8 participated in the Meeting of Regional Providers in Santos, on 08/02 with Gpon Nokia, CGNAT and DNS solutions.

L8 - Kick Off 2019

L8 thanks the winners of the year and everyone who was present in their Kick Off 2019, for the excellent work and result in 2018! We have exceeded the R$ 100,000,000.00 bill, and we are just getting started.

L8 - Diamond Extreme Certification

The L8 accomplished the 2019 goal, in advance, for Diamond Certification from Extreme Networks.

L8 receives two awards from A10

L8 received two very important awards on October 26th in Miami at the annual A10 Networks event: Main Project Brazil and Main Partner LATAM

L8 at Futurecom 2018

L8 was at Futurecom on 15-18 / 10 with two main solutions: DNSaaS for ISPs from Akamai Technologies and Video Monitoring from Milestone

L8 - Premium Partner da Network1

For the 3rd consecutive year L8 receives the recognition of Network1 as Premium Partner!

L8 at the 7th Meeting of Telecommunications Managers

The L8 participated in the 7th Meeting of Telecommunications Managers on September 13 and 14 in São Paulo with partner Extreme


The L8 participated in the CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) course in São Paulo between the 20 and 24/08. In addition to training professionals to work on Wireless Network projects, this course also prepares them for CWNA certification. The L8 invests to maintain a team prepared and qualified to attend the most diverse projects. We thank our partner Extreme Networks and the instructor Sr Ferney Munoz.

L8 - Platinum Channel Partner

The L8 is Milestone's only Platinum Partner in South America. Solid partnership with one more renowned company.

L8 on Abrint 2018

The L8 participated in the Abrint 2018 that took place on June 05, 06 and 07 in São Paulo. We thank all the Customers and Partners who visited us at the event and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.

L8 participates in the Partner Advisory Concil of Nokia

The L8 participated on the 30th and 31st of the Nokia Partner Advisory Council in Texas, USA.

L8 presents best SCADA Protection Solution

From May 15 to 17, L8 and Check Point participated in the 3rd Latin American Security Conference SCADA 2018 in Salvador.

L8 Launches Cloud VMS Solution at Abranet 2018

L8 officially launched at the 2018 Abranet (Brazilian Association of Internet) event our Cloud VMS (Video Monitoring System) solution based on the Genetec Security Center, which is the same software used by New York, Chicago, Detroit, and is the world's # 1 VMS.


We also took Nokia's GPON, DWDM and SD-WAN solution to the event, which are globally consecrated and are very well accepted by ISPs in Brazil.

L8 participates in Abranet 2018

The L8 participated in the Abranet 2018 event held at the Iberostar hotel in Salvador BA, with the main ISPs in Brazil.

L8 GROUP associates with Amcham-Brasil

The L8 has just joined Amcham-Brazil, the largest American Chamber among 114 existing in the USA.

L8 Networks participates in launch of new A10 Networks solution

L8 participates in the launch of the new A10 Networks COMPLETE DDoS prevention solution. In the photo Founder and CEO of A10 Networks, Lee Chen.
Be prepared for changes in the DDoS threat scenario. Learn how to protect your organization from the flood of modern and multi-vector attacks.

L8 Networks receives Extreme Award

L8 Networks has just received the Extreme Black Diamond Award. 

L8 was present at MWC18

L8 Networks was present at the Mobile World Congress, the biggest mobile technology event in the world, held in Barcelona from 26/02 to 01/03..

Annual Event L8 GROUP

On January 5, 2018, in the city of Curitiba, the annual festival of L8 took place. In the event were awarded the highlights of the year.

L8 wins CHECKPOINT MASTERS challenge

The L8 won the CyberChallenge of the First Check Point Masters.


L8 Networks was present for another year at the largest ICT event in Latin America. At FUTURECOM you will find the largest manufacturers and consumers of Telecom.

ANID 2017

L8 Networks participated in the 10th National Meeting of ANID (National Association for Digital Inclusion) that promotes the right to digital and social inclusion in Brazil through Internet access.


L8 Networks participated in the convention that discussed the future of the sector and brought together the 100 largest Internet service providers in Brazil.


From May 31 to June 2, 2017, L8 Networks participated in the largest meeting of Latin American regional providers in São Paulo. 


L8 participates in lunch for the Rotary Club Barigui Rotary Club's "End Polio Now" Program for Global Eradication of Poliomyelitis. Access the link and learn more about this important cause:

Premium Partner Meeting

On October 07, 08, 09 and 10, L8 Networks participated in the Premium Partner Meeting, promoted by Network1, in Atibaia, São Paulo. At the event, L8 Networks was recognized as Premium Partner by the result presented in 2016. Our thanks to all Team Network1. 

Diamond Partnership Extreme Networks 


L8 Networks has just received recognition as Diamond's partner of the manufacturer Extreme Networks, the brand's highest level of partnership.



L8 Networks is the Premier sponsor of the largest Utilities event in Latin America that will take place between 06 and 08 April 2016 in Florianópolis - SC. The presence of Marcelo Maldi from Gigamon, presenting network security and monitoring solutions, Carlos Ferrarez from Axis, presented solutions for the monitoring of substations and transmission lines, and Julio Fernando Marques from Commscopecom solutions to make feasible use (4G, 3G, 2G) in remote environments such as Operators' Substations and Substations.

Business Rede Telesul - 2016


Itaipu Binacional will host the biggest technology meeting in Paraná with the main innovations in the ISP market. The event will take place on March 03 and 04, 2016, and L8 Networks will be introducing the LTE solution.

Annual Event L8 Networks - 2016


On the evening of 8 January in the city of Curitiba was the annual feast of L8 Networks, event in which the highlights of L8 Networks were awarded . As a result of the photos, Alexandre During receiving awards for excellence in sales, GuilhermeLonardoni excellence in presales and MateusClepf excellence in operations.

Check Point Awards

The L8 Networks just received the world leader in the security industry , the highlight of the year awards 2015.

Extreme Networks Prize


Once again, L8 Networks took the lead, earning the top-growing partner award in Latin America during the Extreme Networks partner summit in Las Vegas. 

L8 Networks is the new Check Point partner:


L8 Networks completed the CCSP certification ( Certified Collaborative Support Provider) of CheckPoint , a world leader in the security market , which guarantees excellence in serving our customers.

Anixter Service Provider Featured Award


On 05/23/2015, L8 Networks won the channel award for services providers, the trophy was delivered by the hands of Amyr Khan Klink aboard the Paraty sailboat.

UTCAL Summit 2015 Florianópolis - SC


L8 Networks was Gold sponser of the event.

FUTURECOM the biggest ICT event in Latin America


L8 Networks was present at FUTURECOM 2015, the environment of which are the biggest manufacturers and consumers of Telecom in Latin America.


Itaipu hosted the 4th International Seminar on Cyber ​​Defense
L8 Networks participated in the most important national event on cyber security, which aimed to discuss all forms of Cyber ​​Terrorism and Cyber ​​crimes.


Gold Partnership A-10 Networks

L8 Networks has become the gold partner of the A-10 Networks manufacturer.

Anixter Edge Featured Prize


On the night of 05/05/2015 L8 Networks won the premium channel award in services providers.

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L8 Service Providers conducts its business in order to meet the highest ethical standards. It operates according to the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which it operates and with respect to society, individuals and the environment.We have set a series of standards in our management processes that provide ideal behavior guidelines of our employees, suppliers, service providers, customers and partners in development activities and in relation to business ethics.Witnessing any law violation or not ethical or moral behavior, contact by phone (41) 2106-8888 (08:30 am to 06:00 pm, Monday to Friday) or through the form above.We emphasize that the reports are anonymous and will be processed by the Ethics and Conduct Committee in strict confidence, extending confidentiality to all involved (directly or indirectly) in the case.

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