We work for our customers and suppliers success.

L8Networks was born to be an agile, flexible and high quality Brazilian international company.We are a learning organization that brings to market a new standard of quality service based on engineering and compliance.




Upgrade your LAN and WAN in a safe and simple way. Our solid partnership with main vendors keep us updated and allow us to provide a solid, scalable and future proof networks.


Physical Security


Our security specialist can design integrated systems with CCTV, Access Control and alarms monitoring. We are updated with main and high profile vendors of security market that together with our IP experience can offer a new view for Physical Security Systems.

A well-designed cabling network can avoid several connectivity problems. L8 Networks has a strong team, with telecom engineers and RCDDs, in order to design and install cabling solution. Our staff is prepared to work with new technologies like PON over LAN, Distributed Antenna Systems, CAT6A/CAT7 and  FTTx solutions.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Not only IP Networks but also LTE/4G can be improved with L8Networks services. DAS solutions can provide LTE/4G/3G connectivity where TELCO cannot reach. Our DAS solution 

can spread all carrier signals in indoor and outdoor.


We can provide high availability and security over and for cloud networks. With these solutions

you can have a safe strategy for cloud services between your company and your customers. L8 

Cloud Security Solution based its services on most reliable and innovative vendors.

and Load Balancing

L8 can provide a fully integrated solution between data, voice and video platforms. We can help companies to migrate old telephony networks to a new cloud/social/multimedia in order to have a higher productivity and lower communication costs.

 Unified Communications
DataCenters - DCIM


L8 DCIM Solution brings to Data Centers manager a new way to control, monitor, manage and plan cabling, power and cooling and racks spaces. DCIM is a powerful tool for companies with a business strategy based on cloud services based on its own datacenter or for multitenant Datacenters.

The growth of video traffic over internet increased significantly costs of ip broadband traffic. Our DPI and cache solution can reduce dramatically these costs and give to your customers a better internet service.

DPI and Cache


L8 Networks has a strong team prepared to implement Data Base for business intelligence and IT outsourcing.

Data Base
Industrial Power, UPS, Renewable and Hybrid Energy, Thermal Management, Surge Protection, Fire Pump Controllers, Outside Plant, KVM, Infrastructure Management

Service Providers Networks are constantly exposed by low qualified attacks. Our DNS solution can protect and support a strong and efficient access network.


L8 Networks can assume high complexity process from IT department using our trained and experienced staff. Our managed services can help companies to focus and invest efforts on their core business.


Managed Service 
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Ética e Conduta nos Negócios

A L8 Service Providers conduz seus negócios de forma a atender os mais altos padrões éticos.

Atua de acordo com as leis e regulamentos das jurisdições nas quais opera com respeito à sociedade, aos indivíduos e ao meio ambiente. Inserimos uma série de normas em nossos processos de gestão que fornecem as diretrizes do comportamento ideal de nossos profissionais, fornecedores, prestadores de serviços, clientes e parceiros no desenvolvimento das atividades e em relação à ética empresarial. Ao presenciar qualquer infração de lei ou de comportamento não ético ou moral, entre em contato por meio do telefone +55 41 3908 8438 | 0800 932 0000 ramal 6888 (08h30 às 18h, segunda a sexta-feira).

Ressaltamos que os relatos são anônimos e serão processados pela Comissão de Ética e Conduta em absoluto sigilo, estendendo-se a confidencialidade a todos os envolvidos (direta ou indiretamente no caso). 

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